Gas Geyser Installation – What you need to know

Gas Geysers are a great way to access hot water for your home but they come with hidden dangers unless installed correctly by a professional gas installer.

Carte Blanch did an extract on the dangers of an incorrectly installed gas geyser which cost the lives of a young couple.

The video below gives you a brief explanation of how gas geysers work.

Gas Geysers Save You Money

Gas geysers are far more efficient than electrical geysers and offer a viable and cost-effective option to have hot water for your home.

It has been calculated that the savings on your monthly electricity bill could be cut by as much as 40% by going with gas. Your electrical geyser has been proven to be the highest energy consumer in your home.

Going with a gas geyser makes a lot of sense but what does not make sense is going with a low quality, low cost and illegal installation.

Cost Gas Geyser Installation

All domestic, commercial and industrial gas installations must be installed by a registered gas installer. To check that your installer is indeed registered visit

To see the prices of gas geysers for sale go here.

Gas products that carry the Safe Gas Appliance certificate means they have been tested as safe gas appliances and comply to SABS regulations.

All gas installations must carry a CoC for insurance purposes. This is very important.

A complete gas geyser installation can cost anywhere from R8900 for entry-level up to R20 000 for more advanced setup and depending on your requirements. Based on average industry rates you should budget for your gas geyser installation as follows:

  1. Gas line installation – R2900 and up
  2. Plumbing – R2900 and up
  3. Gas Geyser – R 4500 to R13500 depending on your requirements (your installer will make the best recommendation for you)
  4. Gas – 19kg cylinder +/- R950

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