Installations of domestic and commercial gas appliances across Durban

National Gas Installers

When it comes to gas, there are no shortcuts. We offer COMPLIANT gas installation of domestic and commercial gas appliances in Durban and surrounds.

Appliance Approval and Certification – South African National Standards (SANS) Code 1539

Your safety is our priority and all workmanship and products are covered by a (2) two-year warranty.

Gas Stoves and Hobs Installed and For sale

Gas hobs are far more efficient than typical electric cooking tops and stoves saving you both time and money! We supply and install SABS approved makes and brands of gas hobs.

Gas Geysers (Water Heaters) for sale

National Gas Installers are a proud distributor and installer of DewHot Gas Geysers. To see the average gas geyser prices click here. When is comes to gas geysers (water heaters) the size of the geyser is important. Allow us to recommend the correct size according to your requirements. We have all common sizes available:

  • 6, 8 and 10 litre per hour – suitable for a hand or kitchen basin and outdoor camping shower
  • 10 and 12 litre per hour – suitable for a shower and hand or kitchen basin
  • 16 litre per hour – suitable for a bath, shower and hand or kitchen basin

For information on gas geyser installations click here.

Gas Braai’s BBQ

Nothing like the quick and easy open flame braai. Take the hastle out of braaing and go with gas.

Give us a call to install it for you, fully compliant!

Infinity Fireplaces

Take the chill out of winter or add to the ambience of your home. An infinity fireplace offers a unique touch to your home.

Be Safe!
Certificate of Compliance (COC)

We are certified and licensed to carry out all domestic and commercial installations safely. All our installations and modifications are pressure tested for compliance and gas leak prevention. Don’t risk the “DIY” option.

All new and modified installations are issued with a valid Gas CoC upon completion. Without the CoC, you will not be paid out by your insurance company if a fire breaks out. CoC’s are a legal requirement and can only be issued by a licensed Gas Installer.

Save money
Hot water & Cook During Load Shedding
Go with Gas!

Gas is far more reliable than electricity these days. You can guarantee yourself and your family hot water for bathing and showering and a gas hob to cook with even when the power is out. Better yet, gas is far cheaper and more economical than electricity which will save you money!

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Areas in Durban that National Gas Installers serve include:

  • Berea
  • Morningside
  • Westville
  • North Coast
  • Pinetown, Kloof
  • Hillcrest
  • And all other areas around Durban

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