Dewhot was established in 2005 and has sold over 40 000
gas water heaters in the past 15 years. It is the quality and reliability of their products that set them apart.

Their added value comes from their exceptional after-sales service. Dewhot has a dedicated team of technical engineers always available to attend to your queries.

Their products are continuously enhanced by their engineers to meet the latest trends in energy efficiency and gas technology.

Room Sealed Fan Forced

Available in 20L

Type C

The cutting edge RS20 is equipped with many unique features and is constructed out of high-quality components.

Versatile and compact, the RS20 is one of the safest and most efficient gas water heaters on the market.

Type C geysers are completely room sealed. The double
exhaust flue and forced fan pull the combustible air from the
outside of the building and then expel the combusted (POC)
air back to the outside of the building. This type of geyser
does not require any form of ventilation and it is designed to
be installed indoors

• Designed for multiple use application – Ensures constant temperature when multiple outlets are used simultaneously.

• Can be installed in confined and unventilated spaces (when an outdoor installation is not possible)

• Perfect for Installations in high rise buildings

• Designed for households with shared boundary walls and are in close proximity to each other.

• The RS20 operates quietly

• No overheating flues – burnt gases are expelled through the inner part of the double flue system

• The RS20 can run a household with a large bath and multiple showers

• Commercially, the RS20 can be used (in parallel) for multiple shower applications (hostels, gyms, schools and hotels)

• Heavy-duty copper radiator
• 88% energy efficiency
• Wind resistant burner
• Anti-freeze function
• Touch button temperature
• Compatible with mixer taps
• Compact design with a
brushed aluminium cover
• Flame failure safety device
• Inverter compatible

Constant Temperature

Available in 12L & 16L

Type B

Type D

The smart constant temperature technology is by far the most popular. It is efficient and easy to use. The CT delivers exact water temperature.

Even in bad water pressure areas, the variable gas output function manages the fluctuating water pressure and can run when water pressure is as low as 4L/min.

Multiple use application- With multiple outlets running simultaneously your water temperature will always remain hot and constant with varying
water flow and temperature.. This smart geyser automatically adjusts itself to the water flow.

12L can be installed indoors.

16L cannot be installed indoors.

• Touch button temperature control
• 84% energy efficiency
• Gas efficient – reduces gas consumption according to water flow demand
• Anti-freeze function
• Start up/ geyser function can also operate on low water pressure
• Requires no electricity – flame ignition and geyser
• Compatible with mixer taps
• Flame failure safety device
• Available in natural gas

Low Pressure

Available in 5L& 12L

Type A

Type B

The low pressure geyser is the perfect solution for your off-the-grid location. With Low pressure activation and a water flow sensor start up the LP can now run consistently off either low pressure municipal water or restricted water supplies like gravity fed tanks. This geyser is simple and reliable.

Designed for single use application – one outlet to be used at a time.

12L can be installed indoors. The 12LP is a popular unit for for outside camping showers. It works perfectly for informal showers and showers in areas with high ambient temperatures.

5L can be installed indoors without a flue.

Our light compact 5lt will make sure you have hot water wherever you are. This unit is great for camping trailers and outdoor showers. This unit is legally allowed to be installed indoors without a flue because it has a maximum heat input of
less than 42MJ or 11.7KW. The 5L is also used for wash hand basins, prep bowls, kitchen sinks, hair dressing wash stations and mobile businesses (dog parlours, food trucks & beauticians).

• Requires no electricity – flame ignition and geyser function are battery operated
• 84% energy efficiency
• Geyser can function on low and high water pressure
• Ventilation is required
• Compatible with mixer taps
• Flame failure safety device
• Anti-freeze function
• LCD temperature display

Diaphragm Activated

Stainless Steel 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L & 16L
Eco-Dew 8L, 12L, 16L
Natural Gas 8L

Type D

These geysers are easier to install, they are the most common type of gas geyser found in the market place. The Diaphram Activated unit is designed for budget water heating solutions.

• Designed for single use application – one outlet to be used at a time.
• To function properly this geyser needs good water pressure, either municipal or from a pressure pump.
• The 8L unit can run off natural
• Establish your flow rate before choosing your geyser size by doing the bucket test.
• These units function within a flow rate range of half of their maximum capacity.
• Requires no electricity – flame ignition and geyser function are battery operated
• 84% energy efficiency
• Flame failure safety device
• Anti-freeze function
• Stainless steel cover
• LCD temperature display

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