Gas Geyser Prices

Also known as gas water heaters, gas geysers do not have water reservoirs and heat the water as it runs through the unit. Prices of gas geysers are between R2400 to R9900

Since they work with gas, you don’t need an electrical supply for your gas geyser to work. Gas geysers are the most energy-efficient geysers available with capacities ranging from 5 litres to 20 litres.

If you were wondering what is the cost of a gas geyser, here is a handy guide to the cost of gas geysers

5 litre Gas GeyserR2400- R7000
10 litre Gas GeyserR3600 – R8000
12 litre Gas GeyserR4000 – R8500
16 litre Gas GeyserR5000 – R9700
20 litre Gas GeyserR6500 – R9900
Note these prices are for Gas Water Heater only, excluding installation.

Smaller capacity gas geysers (5l to 10l) are great for camping and can heat one tap or a kitchen sink

Larger capacity gas geysers allow you to run a shower, bath, washing machine or main tap, simultaneously depending on the size. The larger the capacity gas geyser, the more hot water it can provide. 

If you are looking for the prices of electrical hot water geysers please visit Geysers Only Electrical Geysers Price List.

What Determines the Price of Gas Geysers? 

Gas geyser prices in South Africa are affected by the following: 

  • Gas geyser brand (e.g. Dewhot, Kwikot, Atlas, Totai, Bosch, etc)
  • Size of gas geyser (e.g. 5l, 10l, 20l, etc)
  • Accessibility to the geyser 
  • Labour involved

Gas geyser costs are between R1600 and R9000

Why Install a Gas Geyser?

Installing a gas geyser is a great idea for many reasons: 

  • HeatS water quicker than electric geysers
  • More cost-effective to run
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Can be used during load shedding or power outages
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Great for off-the-grid living
  • Can be used when camping

Types of Gas Geysers

There are 3 main gas geyser types

  • Standard or manual gas geysers
  • Constant temperature gas geysers
  • Forced fan gas geysers

Standard/Manual Gas Geysers

Standard or manual gas geysers are great if you only need one tap with hot water and live in a small flat or single-storey home.

Sizes of standard (manual) geysers range from 6 litres to 20 litres and are perfect if you live alone and are on a budget.

Pros and cons of standard gas geysers include: 

  • Cost-effective water heating solution
  • Easy to operate 
  • Can set to winter or summer water temperatures
  • Cannot provide hot water to multiple taps
  • Not able to set at a specific temperature
  • Unable to supply water upstairs
  • Sensitive to water pressure fluctuations
  • Require a weather cover 
  • Must be installed with a flue pipe

Constant Temperature Gas Geysers

Constant temperature gas geysers allow you to set your water at an exact temperature. They are very similar to standard gas geysers, but they have a keypad where you can set your water temperature.

Some points to consider for constant temperature gas geysers are:

  • Inexpensive gas geysers providing desired water temperature
  • Ideal for single people living in a small home
  • Maintains a constant water temperature
  • Can run 2 hot taps simultaneously
  • Not suitable for multi-storey houses
  • Forced Fan Gas Geysers

Forced fan gas geysers may have a high initial cost, but they will save you lots of money in the long term as they are very gas-efficient.

They normally come with long warranties and can also run on generators or your current solar power water system

Below are some benefits and downsides to forced fan gas geysers:

  • Very gas-efficient
  • Precise water temperature can be selected
  • Not sensitive to fluctuating water pressure
  • Often come with a 10-year warranty
  • Able to provide hot water upstairs
  • Can run off your generator
  • Can connect to a solar water system
  • Provide hot water to multiple taps
  • No need for a flue pipe
  • Require an electricity connection to ignite and to set water temperature
  • The most expensive kind of gas geyser
  • Need to be protected against power surges

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Top Gas Geyser Brands

When it comes to gas geyser brands, you are spoiled for choice! Here are the top gas geyser brands in South Africa:

  • Dewhot
  • Bosch
  • Kwikot
  • Atlas
  • Rinnai
  • Ariston
  • Totai
  • Typhoon
  • Paloma